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Our comprehensive approach to Family Medicine means that in addition to office-based care, we also provide Outreach Clinics, End-of-Life Care, team-based Chronic Disease Management, and an Urgent Care Clinic that is open to all.


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Meet our dedicated team of Family Physicians, Allied Health Care Providers, and Medical Office Assistants.



Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive, high-quality, evidence-based, lifelong care to our registered patients while also supporting the community at large.


“I’ve never had such an attentive and down to earth doctor, who sincerely wants to help. If Dr Kluge does not know the answer , he will seek it from colleagues or other professionals, send you for blood work and rule out as much as he can to get to the bottom of your issue. Very grateful for him!

“Dr. Rabien is a younger and very thorough G.P. He is very easy to communicate with and he is very knowledgeable and does not overlook a thing. He is patient and does not try to rush you out of his office in order to see his next patient. He is by far the greatest G.P. I have ever seen. He is extremely punctual and I don’t experience the regular office wait times as other offices. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s fantastic.”

“Dr. Pocock is my doctor. He has diagnosed some pretty rare stuff in me. Has always listened, treated me with dignity, always listens and wants the very best for me. Congratulates me on successes and helps me through the negatives… he is the very best doctor I have ever come across. and that is because he is not arrogant…doesn’t think he knows it all, and wants to be apart of my care and not tell me how it is. I appreciate him so very much.”

“Dr Saunders has so far delivered two of my four daughters and has been our family physician for five years. He’s one of the BEST doctors I’ve ever had. He’s extremely caring and never rushes and he’s wonderful with my children. We are very comfortable and can talk to him about anything.”

Great Doctor — Doc Forsberg has been my Doctor for quite a few years and I am thankful for her being so. She is smart, knowledgeable, decisive, and has always shown great empathy towards me and my medical issues. I could not wish for a better Doctor.”

“The first time I saw Dr McKnight as a walk-in patient, he took me on as my doctor and I was grateful. He has been pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable, and will refer when he feels it’s warranted . He has taken the time to listen and acts on my concerns. He even acts on concerns I didn’t know I had after reviewing lab work or x-rays. Compared to 2 or more hours of wait time with my previous doctor – the very short wait time now with Dr McKnight is fantastic.”

My little girl and i both see Dr. Vally. I find him to be very charming and interested in my little girl and he has always been very positive, empathetic and understanding with her and very gentle. I appreciate his no-nonsense approach with me and his treatment has been great. He doesn’t waste my time and i get to the point of what i think my ailment is and let him go from there, after all he IS the doctor. I like him. No complaints. I have found him to very knowledgeable regarding the appropriate medications and if those ones don’t work, viable alternatives. Great guy.”


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